picture of Pastured Pork Project (Olivier Gervais, McGill) picture of Pastured Pork Project (Olivier Gervais, McGill) picture of Pastured Pork Project (Olivier Gervais, McGill)

Pastured Pork Project (Olivier Gervais, McGill)

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Over the summer 10 pigs will be grown. When I received them, they weighed 60 pounds and will weigh 250+ pounds when processed and packaged for the customers to enjoy. Pigs will be sold in half pig and whole pig format.

Data from the project will then be collected for my enterprise management course. Subsequently, the data will assist in launching my future farm.

Mitch Deschatelets and Leisure farms have shown immense kindness and support for my project allowing me space to set up a pasture for pigs. It is important to note however that O. Gervais farms project is independent from Leisure farms.

Pricing: Half pig means half the amount of meat compared to the full pig but still the same assortment and variety of delicious pork.
4.49$/lbs + cost of sausages

  • Half pig = 75lbs of meat. Roughly 350$ + cost of sausages.
  • Full pig = 150lbs of meat. Roughly 675$ + cost of sausages.
*250$ Deposit required when placing your order.

Please call or email to place your order. I am looking forward to hearing your comments and questions.

Thank you for supporting a young farmer and thanks to Leisure Farms for their support.

Contact Olivier Gervais

Phone: (807) 629-9736
Email: o.gervaisfarms@gmail.com

About Oli and the Pastured Pork Project

My name is Oli Gervais; I am a farm management and technology student (FMT) at the Macdonald College of McGill University. My hopes and dreams are to one day build an agricultural enterprise of my own, and this project is one milestone in the right direction.

Let us take a glimpse into the future before I describe to you my project with pigs. O. Gervais farms would house a few hundred acres of great green soil ideal for raising beef, pork and for growing organic vegetables. The farm will provide the local community with the best quality fresh produce to enjoy and share with family, be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Also, the farm will host many events and gatherings that will bring together many friends and family. The future awaits!

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